A/C wholesale Hawthorne NJ

USG Inc for A/C Wholesale in Hawthorne NJ

The air conditioning needs of commercial spaces are far greater than that of residential ones. The areas that require cooling are much bigger with more people and equipment. The standards are higher as well. Businesses have to look for suppliers that carry reliable brands with a wide range of models to choose from so that they can acquire exactly what they need. The Universal Supply Group Inc. provides exactly this in addition to other value added services. We are the premier A/C wholesale Hawthorne NJ specialist.

In-house HVAC Specialists

USG employs in-house technicians that can coordinate with clients to install new commercial systems. They can also replace existing HVAC units with more modern options in case the older one is already showing its age. They know the equipment inside out so there should be no worries about optimum performance. New systems are much more efficient at using energy so a lot of savings can be obtained after the switch. The investment can be paid for by these savings over time.

Serving the Whole Tri-state Area

The company operates through several branches in New Jersey. We provide A/C wholesale Hawthorne NJ businesses have patronized for years. They know that USG is the one to call if there is a need for air conditioning and heating equipment for any type of commercial building. We serve the whole tri-state region as well. This includes the New York Metro area.

USG Inc: A Legacy of Excellence

The company traces its roots to the 1940s when its founding fathers founded manufacturing company. Shortages in materials during the second World War forced them to take on repair jobs instead. The business grew despite the difficult conditions and continued to flourish into the being one of the leading names in the industry. Our experience is unmatched and we continue to grow as a technical supply house.

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