Ductless Sales & Application Training – Lodi

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NEW Branch Opens April 1st

To Register: http://usglodi42319.eventbrite.com

Training Agenda

  • Ductless Applications in North America- Mini & Multi
  • 2019 Daikin Product Overview w/ Competitive Comparisons
  • Cold Climate Products / Applications- Mini, Multi & SkyAirbring their meters)
  • Technical overview
  • “Why Daikin”- what differentiates us from everyone else!
  • Daikin 3D Dealer Program
  • Daikin 2019 Dealer Retail Sales Person Spiff Program
  • Daikin 2019 Residential Rebate Program

To Register: http://usglodi42319.eventbrite.com

Check out the flyer: Daikin Ductless Sales Training

To find out more Ariel at (973) 936-1516 or amyrie@usginc.com