Power Selling Pros – Customer Service Performance Workshop – Hawthorne

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Learn all about Customer Service!

Learn to give customers a positive experience while on the phone.

Master the skills on how to overcome pricing objections, work with difficult customers, and book calls even when you’re booked solid.

Develop competency, confidence, muscle memory, and understanding of customer sensitivity.

Create loyalty and retention by learning best practices in phenomenal customer service.

Obtain industry-standard tools to help master call-handling and booking.

Upon completion of this workshop, each phone staff attendee will receive 2 free individual follow-up coaching sessions with call monitoring and quality checking. Both inbound and outbound scenarios are discussed.


Converting 80% + of Your Inbound Call Leads:

Deliver the “WOW” experience while mastering the “Pattern for Excellence” call flow

Book calls even when you are booked solid

Overcome and prevent price objections

Convert angry customers to happy clients

Practice differentiating your company from your competition by creating unique value

Registration Fee: $100 per person

RSVP HERE: https://120519hawthorne.eventbrite.com

**Principal/Decision Maker MUST come with their CSRs to this class**