Universal Energy Products, a division of Universal Supply Group, Inc., specializes in integrated building systems and building automation.  We provide control systems products and services for optimal building performance, energy efficiency, occupant comfort, indoor air quality and in some cases LEED requirements.

Universal Energy Products (UEP) Offers:

  • Application sales and design consulting
  • Application Engineering
  • Graphics
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Pre-fabricated Control Panels

Universal Energy Products provides web based, open communication systems that can integrate with the industry standard network protocols (as well as legacy and proprietary systems) to produce smart buildings.  With our building automation systems, one interconnected system can control functions such as HVAC, gas detection, energy management, lighting, access, security and video.

Combining our building automation and control systems with our complete equipment product lines ensures seamless integration, with equipment that is network compatible straight from the manufacturer. This reduces service and maintenance time by utilizing equipment and proven control sequences of operation that are consistent, documented and familiar to mechanical equipment service technicians.

Universal Energy Products also boasts an in-house UL508 panel shop.  We offer custom design of control panels or we can build off of our client’s design.  Control panels are powered, checked and tested for wiring accuracy before they leave the shop to ensure an error free start-up.

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Integrated building automation systems and controls from our experienced team at Universal Energy Projects.